"The sweet rain sheds its tears upon the fruitful womb of mother earth."

"The cyclical seed is waiting to be fertilized."


If you are having a baby or thinking of becoming pregnant, visualizing your womb as a wonderful garden to be lovingly prepared and tended until the time of your birth will help you to take some important steps toward having the healthiest pregnancy you possibly can. 

I invite you to step into the garden of your womb, look around and sense where you might begin....

Most gardens are begun by weeding and preparing the ground where seeds will be planted. What weeds might you pull? Look to things you are eating and drinking that may not contribute to growing a healthy baby.

Look to things you are putting on you like soap, lotion, deodorant, make-up, hair products. Read the labels. Are they pure with no chemicals or dyes added? What about your environment? are you sitting close to a computer monitor all day? having your home or office sprayed for insects? Start to really think about what things you could be exposing yourself and your baby to at this special and vulnerable time.

Prepare your planting site (or nourish it if you are already pregnant) by adding compost, which is organic matter, to your topsoil....in other words, eat as organically as you possibly can. Throw in some fertilizer by getting an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals every day.

Turn the soil each day by exercising and staying active. Your perfect breathing will oxygenate the soil as your bloodstream releases nutrients to grow your baby.


*Information on this site is offered for educational purposes only. Before making any change to your diet or exercise plan, please consult your health care practitioner. 


The first two sentences on this page are from a poem by Vanessa Jubis.

To read her complete work click on Womb Works


"Ask the woman; she will tell you everything you need to know."
-Ina May Gaskin



                 Your baby IS what you eat