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From the garden and the kitchen


Pep-up/Fortified Milk – supplies 84 protein grams/day

  • Protein powder, 7 grams worth
  • Bone meal,½ t or 2 T calcium gluconate or 1 T calcium carbonate/lactate
  • Lecithin, 1 T
  • Magnesium oxide, ¼ t – add immediately before serving or take in tablets
  • Milk, fresh whole, 2 c
  • Milk powdered (non-instant), ½ c
  • Vanilla, 1 t
  • Vegetable oil, 1 T
  • Yeast, 1 T, gradually increase to ¼ - ½ c

Blend in blender – liquefier

Start with 1/4th cup at each meal - gradually increase quantity to 4 cups a day

  * Calcium cannot be properly absorbed without magnesium. Magnesium oxide is tasteless but develops unpleasantly if allowed to stand.

Avocado Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Wouldn't it be nice to chug down a delicious chocolate shake without any guilt whatsoever? this recipe provides: A delicious, nutritious and 100 percent guilt-free superfood smoothie that will excite your taste buds and enhance your health!


  • 1 fresh, raw avocado (just the meat part, not the skin or seed, obviously)
  • 2 large scoops of raw cacao powder from Sunfood (www.Sunfood.com)
  • 1 large scoop of Delicious Greens 8000 superfood powder
  • 1 quart (32 fluid ounces) of raw almond milk (or soy milk, hemp milk, cow milk or whatever milk you use)
  • 1 fresh, raw Asian pear (or regular pear, or banana, depending on taste)
  • sweeten to taste (stevia, brown rice syrup or other natural sweetener of your choice)

Combine all ingredients in a Vita-Mix or other powerful blender. Blend and enjoy! The color is incredible!
It's healthier to drink these ingredients at room temperature, but if you're used to cold, ice cream shakes, then it may seem more familiar to use these ingredients cold at first. Over time, you can gradually shift to more room temperature ingredients.

Get your calcium!

Pregnant women need calcium! The herbs oatstraw, borage and bancha twigs are high in calcium. Bancha twigs are LOADED with calcium. Make a quart of tea and drink 4 cups a day hot or iced.

Hijiki seaweed is also high in calcium. A half-cup has about 1,400 mg. of calcium!

Pregnant women should also make sure they're ingesting a fat/oil of some sort within an hour or so as calcium binds with fat/oil in the stomach and assimilates this way.

Other calcium-rich foods include sardines or salmon with bones, tofu and calcium-fortified juices and foods.

And don't forget to eat your dark leafy greens...which have lots of calcium

arugula, beet greens, bok choy, broccoli rabe (rapini), chicory, collard greens, dandelion greens, endive, escarole, kale, mustard greens, red chard, spinach, swiss chard, turnip greens


from Andrea Clement

Chop up and toss in a pot:

·         2 onions

·         3 cloves of garlic

·         2 turnips

·         2 parsnips

·         some carrots

·         3-4 potatoes

·         2-3 handfuls of collard greens (or whatever greens you like)

·         sprinkle in some Herbes de Provence (a mix of rosemary & thyme)

·         salt & pepper

·         add a 1 quart carton of organic chicken broth and 1 1/2 quarts of water

·         ½ & ½ (optional)


1.     Let it boil for about 30-40 minutes until veggies are soft

2.     Use a blender to gently blend it smooth

3.     Add a bit of ½ & ½ for creamier soup


Use all throughout pregnancy:

*Red Raspberry Leaf - tones and nourishes the uterine muscles, rich in vitamins and minerals, enriches and increases milk flow, restores the system after childbirth; good for the entire pregnancy. Drink 4 cups per day. About raspberry leaf

Nettle Leaf - rich in many vitamins and minerals, especially iron, so it is very useful for those suffering from chronic fatigue and exhaustion due to low iron, aids in enriching and stimulating flow of milk; good for use throughout all stages of the pregnancy. Use especially last 6 weeks and after the birth. May help prevent postpartum hemorrhage/heavy bleeding after birth. High in Vitamin K. Drink 4 cups per day halved with Red Raspberry the last 6 weeks and after birth.

Traditional Medicinals makes a good Pregnancy Tea formula. Drink teas iced or hot.

*Do not drink Red Raspberry if you have suffered a miscarriage. Please consult your health care provider.


When pregnant or nursing...

Many commonly known remedies, being centuries old, are tried and true. If you are at all unsure, please consult with someone
who is an expert as the suggestions on this website are for educational purposes only. Any
advice given should always be 
followed by checking with your health care provider.

Please be aware that the biological processes of pregnancy and breastfeeding are very delicate. Eating a good healthy diet, drinking plenty of liquids, getting enough rest and, while breastfeeding, nursing on demand, is key to a good milk supply.

Herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, drugs and any other products which can be ingested without a thorough & complete understanding of how they work in the body and affect pregnancy or breastfeeding is not advised. Always consult your health care professional.

Many herbs and other natural remedies are NOT recommended while pregnant or nursing. Although they are not pharmaceutical drugs, certain alternative remedies including vitamins can have a negative effect on pregnancy or breastfeeding. Just because it is not a drug, that does NOT mean it is safe to take at these times.

Please be advised to consult a professional you trust for advice. Most midwives, herbalists, naturopathic physicians, homeopathic physicians, acupuncturists and some medical doctors are familiar with which alternative medical remedies are safe to take while pregnant or nursing.

Your baby IS what you eat