"The sweet rain sheds its tears upon the fruitful womb of mother earth."

After your birth....

Healing through nutrition...

Postpartum Birth Warrior Chicken Soup for the Soul

Submitted by Lanell Coultas, Birthing From Within Mentor, Austin, TX

Hey you...this is NOT for you to make for yourself...give this recipe & assignment to a friend or relative to bring to you after your birth. If there is no one, then make it BEFORE your birth & freeze in 1 person servings..this is NOT for your partner....it is for YOU...to heal & get strong...it's a good Labor Project to do while in early labor;)

This soup is a shot in the arm to postpartum mothers, so use only pure, organic, free range, local, when possible, ingredients.

  • bay leaves, 3-4
  • carrots a handful baby cut up (or 3-4 big carrots)
  • celery stalks -1,2 chopped (optional)
  • chicken -1 already prepped rotisserie from the grocery store - use all the parts of the chicken: legs, breasts, wings, back, etc - anywhere there's meat, pull it off.
  • chicken stock, 1 box of the liquid
  • collard greens,1 bunch, de-stemmed and cut into 1" pcs (you could use mustard, chard, spinach, kale too or a blend of greens)
  • garlic  - 4-5 cloves, minced
  • olive oil, 2 T.
  • onion - 1 white or yellow, diced
  • pasta,1 handful of (tube pasta or egg noodles)
  • poultry seasoning blend - a dash
  • red pepper flakes - to taste
  • salt & fresh ground pepper – to taste
  • thyme sprigs, 5-6 – optional
  • water - 2-3 cups

1) look at your chicken and thank it for giving its life for your meal, then, pick over the chicken to get all the good meat off, set aside.

2) heat up a couple T. olive oil in a deep pot on med-high heat - sauté onion for a minute or two, then add garlic, stirring often so it doesn't burn.

3) sauté onion and garlic for a few minutes, add chopped carrots and cook for a few minutes until slightly tender. Add chopped celery at this point if you have it.

4) add stock and let come to a *gentle* boil

5) add chicken and some water, let get back to high heat

6) add herbs and seasonings - thank mother earth for bringing such rich flavor to your soup. - you might need to add 1-2 t. of salt, depending on your taste.

7) allow soup to cook on med-low heat for 15-20 minutes until all flavors are mingling


8) add the collard greens (it will look like too much at first, but greens cook down to NOTHING - don't be afraid of the mound of greens). Give the greens a chance to cook down first, then add more water or stock if necessary.

9) add pasta last - your soup will be piping hot at this point and the pasta will cook fast. Give it 5 minutes to bathe in the soup before serving.

This soup freezes well. Fill up a quart jar, leaving at least an inch at top as the soup will expand. Thaw in the fridge for about 24 hours before heating soup.

 Your baby IS what you eat